We believe that the first important question for any company that wants to go to another country is: Is there a market for my product?

In Green-ID we solve this question in a simple and tailored process. The best is that you don’t need to leave your office; we are locally present so you can spend your time efficiently.

Our process is as simple as 4 steps!

  • Knowing your company, on this first session we want to know your ideas and expectations about going to any of our host countries. We want to know more about you, your company and your products.
  • Tailored Report, with our local expert teams Green-ID will create a report of the market conditions, regulations, possible business opportunities, size of the market, and some suggested next steps for your company. The creation of this report is based on the information of the previous session; therefore every report is unique for each of our customers.
  • Discussing the Report. After the report is delivered, a personal meeting is schedule with the local expert and our staff in The Netherlands. In this meeting all the questions, doubts, suggestions are discussed. The purpose of this step is to find the best business niches for your company.
  • We design a first action plan as next steps to do, to start looking for the best business opportunities for your company.
    With this simple and comfortable process in just two months, your company will know if there is an attractive market, and specific niche business opportunities for you without leaving your office!!

If you are a Dutch company there is a possibility to offer this service for free!!!!


Our local teams will scout the companies that can be interested to be your possible partners or clients.

Long List

Green id will provide you a long list of companies, and a market intelligence report that has been collected speaking with the different companies and actors with the related business opportunities.

All the results will be presented and discussed in your office. You are the one that will select the best possible partners, clients, or business opportunities. It will be a joint effort to create a short list with higher probability of success.

Short List

Green ID will contact the short list candidates and will start the creation of a solid business case, preparing the local business opportunities for your company visit.


Actions sell more than words!

We understand how difficult it can be to have just a first project in other country. With our local offices we can help you to get this done.

If you are interested to know more please contact us!


We understand the difficulty of being an entrepreneur, and the enormous amount of time that any business demands. That is why we just want you to travel to present the best business opportunities for your company.

Personal Trade Mission

With this philosophy we create tailored trade missions for your company just to fly and meet the best business cases developed by Green ID for you! It’s time to meet the possible partners and be prepared to sign at least some LOIs.

Our trade missions will be with 4 nights and 5 days, we will assist you during the entire mission. This means a service from your arrival till your leaving!

Group Trade Missions

We want to be a strong bridge between Europe and Latin America, for this there are some trade missions that we organize to explore business opportunities. It is common that this missions will be related with the participation of a relevant event or expo.

It can be the perfect opportunity to explore a new market, validate some information, and meet local companies.

Our next trade mission is to MEXICO to explore the business opportunities for your company on the SOLAR ENERGY SECTOR. If you want information please fill the form below

If you are a Dutch company we can offer you at least a 50% discount on our missions. Please contact us!!


We can be your best ally by being your local representative.

When you have one or more projects we can represent your company to interest more clients.

To be cost sufficient we offer the representation service! If you are interested please contact us!

If you are interested to know more please contact us!